It seems that Volkswagen has a mini-Golf on the way, as they point from Germany

Recreation Volkswagen mini-Golf

The original Volkswagen Golf It reached the market in the 80s being a utility vehicle of size adjusted, practical and economic . Shortly this recipe lasted, because it is no longer a tourism made for "the people", being an expensive car. It has also grown a lot in size, although this is common in all brands and models.

From Germany, specifically from Autobild , they suggest that a little brother strong> could arrive soon, something like a mini-Golf , although the German half qualifies it as " Volkswagen Golf light ". The question is: Would a Golf in content format today make sense? We remind you that the Polo has been a real success in sales for many, many years.

If something was particularly interesting about the first two generations of the Volkswagen Golf, it was its affordable price , the economy of use and its contained dimensions. With this mini-Golf that seems to be on the way, the "car of the town" brand could return to to rescue that kind of interesting and intelligent vehicle . Yes, smart, because you do not always need a 4.4-meter car and a 400-liter trunk.

Although there is no claim from the company, this product, we understand, would have a size well below that of Volkswagen Polo , to avoid internal cannibalizations. It could be a successor to the Volkswagen up! (here Volkswagen test up!), resorting to an aesthetic similar to that of Golf. It will not be that the up! finally, will it have a generational change? Who knows ...

If the German brand knew how to really sell it as a mini-Golf , by scaling the aesthetics of the compact model and putting an interesting selling price, I think Volkswagen could give in the same nail as 30 years ago. It would be a car with a more than popularized design, not very expensive, with a low cost per use, lightweight, ideal for urban journeys ...

I think that, if Volkswagen is finally encouraged, it could do it in two ways. Or create an urban for the segment A pretty premium and with much of the latest technologies on the market; or look for a great price saving with the right equipment, without the need to offer high quality of all kinds, many screens or great luxuries. The way I see it, the second option is the most interesting.

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