Tire Facts


Expert Tips on Tire Safety

Make certain that your vehicle is completely safe and running at peak performance. Recognizing uneven tire and tread wear can save you money on tire maintenance and at the gas pump. Speak to our tire experts today. It may be necessary to replace your tires without delay if they exhibit cracks, tears, exposed steel or belt materials in the sidewall or tread pattern. Driving on over inflated or under inflated tires can also create problems with uneven wear. Please do not hesitate to ask us for further advice.



The tire code provides information on a tire’s width, speed rating, sidewall height and load capacity. For help interpreting your tire code, please ask our friendly team.



Tire rotation is the practice of moving the wheels and tires of an automobile from one position to another to ensure even tire wear. Even tire ware is desirable to extend the useful life of a set of tires. The weight on the front and rear axles defers which causes an even ware.

alignment issues


A simple visual inspection can alert you to uneven tread wear. If you suspect steering or other issues with your ride, our team can tell you if it is time to replace your tires.